2-Ethylhexyl 2-Ethylhexyl Phosphate (Equivalent of PC-88A)


Bis-(2,4,4-TrimethyIpentyI) Phosphinic

Product Name: Bis-(2,4,4-Trimethylpentyl) Phosphinic

Molecular formula:C16H35O2P

CASNo.: 83411-71-6

Molecular weight: 290.42


Physical Parameters
Specifications Standard
Physical Parameter
Density, 25˚C ≤0.92g/cm3
Viscosity, 25˚C < 142 mpa°s
Flash point >120 ˚C
Pour Point <-35 ˚C
Content ≤ 95.0%
Characteristic Parameter
Extraction Cobalt saturation Capacity 0.432g/L,1v/o
Extraction rate,pHñ5.6,25˚C Nickel<5.85%
Stripping rate,25˚C Nickel>98.1%
Separation factor,pH=5.6 >7×103
Ni-MgSeparationfactor,pH=5.6 >3×103
Split time Extraction<60
Dissolution loss in water(pH=2.6) ≤116mg/L
Applicable temperature range(˚C) 10-70
Maximum applicable concentration ≤30%
Maximum saponification rate Not low than 55%
Applicable metal element system Enrichment and separation of nickel-cobalt,nickel-magnesium,cobalt-magnesium, and rare earth elements, especially suitable for separation of nickel-magnesium, nickel-


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