2-Ethylhexyl 2-Ethylhexyl Phosphate (Equivalent of PC-88A)


Equivalent of Lix 54-100


Physical Characteristics Values
Density(at 25°C) 0.95-0.99
Viscosity{CP,at 25°C) 10 CP
Flash Point{°C} 200°c
Solubility for mixture of Cu and Cr   ≥ 40 g/l Cu
Maximum Copper Loading g/I <100 g/I Cu
Extracting Kinetics (at 25°C)% 30s ≥95%
Back-Extracting Kinetics (at25°C)% 30s ≥95%
Back- Extracting Isotherm point (at 25°C) g/l Organic <0.10


Time of Phase separation {S)

Extraction <120
Back- extraction <90

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