India's Pioneer Manufacturer of FRP Moulded Gratings

We are proud to stand at the forefront of advanced composite solutions, specializing in the manufacture of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polyester) moulded gratings for diverse applications. Our commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainability has propelled us to become a leading choice for these gratings across various sectors in India & Internationally.

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Innovative Solutions with FRP Moulded Gratings

Our FRP moulded gratings are designed to offer durability, exceptional strength, and high corrosion resistance, making them an ideal choice for harsh environmental conditions. Perfect for industrial, commercial, and recreational applications, our grating solutions are crafted to meet rigorous environmental situations in chemical, marine (coastal applications), transportation, and other such industries &/or applications.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Saumit InterGlobe Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and support. From the initial consultation to the delivery of your FRP moulded grating, our team of experts are here to ensure a seamless and satisfying experience. We continuously strive to innovate and improve our products to serve the evolving needs of our clients.

Why Choose Saumit InterGlobe Pvt. Ltd. for FRP Moulded Grating?

  • Quality and Durability: Manufactured using quality materials and state of the art process; our FRP moulded gratings guarantee longevity and reliability.
  • Customization: We understand that each project has different installation requirement. So, we offer customizable grating solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Our FRP moulded gratings are designed with safety in mind, featuring slip-resistant surfaces and excellent load-bearing capacities.
  • Eco-Friendly: Committed to sustainability, our FRP products are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials, contributing to greener practices across India.

Types of Moulded Grating

Anti Skid
Anti Skid Chequered
  • Advantages
  • Applications
  • Size Chart
  • Resin System


  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Bi-directional Strength
  • Slip Resistant
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fire Retardant
  • High Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Lightweight
  • Impact Resistant
  • Long service Life
  • Superior Ergonomics


Industrial Platforms
Water Treatment Plant
Effluent Treatment Plant
Industrial Staircase
Industrial Trench Cover
Solar Panel Walkways

Size Availability

1 3660 X 1220 38 X 38 15 5 – 7
2 3660 X 1220 38 X 38 25 5 – 7
3 3660 X 1220 38 X 38 30 5 – 7
4 3660 X 1220 38 X 38 38 5 – 7
5 3660 X 1220 50 X 50 50 5 – 7

Resin Systems

Resin Type Resin Base Properties Description
SIGPL – O Orthopthalic Polyester Resin UV General Purpose with UV resistivity
SIGPL – OFR Orthopthalic Polyester Resin UV + FR General Purpose with UV resistivity and fire retardance (UL – 94)
SIGPL – I Isopthalic Polyester Resin UV Industrial Grade Corrosion Resistant
SIGPL – IFR Isopthalic Polyester Resin UV + FR Industrial Grade Corrosion Resistant and fire retardant (UL-94 and ASTM E84)
SIGPL – V Vinyl Ester Resin UV + FR Higher Corrosion Resistant and Fire retardent (UL-94 and ASTM E84)
SIGPL – VS Super Vinyl Ester Resin UV + FR Highest Corrosion Resistant and Fire retardent (UL-94 and ASTM E84)

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