(Chopped Strands & LFT)

With extensive expertise and a profound understanding of the Thermoplastic industry, Saumit InterGlobe has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of Chopped Strands for Thermoplastics.

Chopped Strands for TP

A complete range of enhancement for general engineering thermoplastics.

Long Fibre for TP

Better in usability. It is suitable for the universal product of twin-screw process.

Flat Fibre for TP

Flat fibre with flat ratio of 1:3 and 1:4, used in engineering plastics, fibreglass can be added upto 70%, it has excellent strength, fluidity and low warping performance

High Performance Low Dielectric Fibreglass

HL glass fiber is a kind of low dielectric glass fiber specially developed for communication and electronic market. It has two characteristics: low dielectric constant (DK) and low dielectric loss factor (DF). It can be applied to engineering plastics, low dielectric chopped strands have excellent mechanical properties and lower dielectric constant and dielectric loss. It can be widely used in electromagnetic wave field and high frequency electronic circuit field, help 5G industrial applications and LOT development.

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