2-Ethylhexyl 2-Ethylhexyl Phosphate (Equivalent of PC-88A)


Primary Amine N1923

Physical And Chemical Properties

Product Name : Secondary Carbon Primary Amine

Appearance : Yellow transparent liquid

Odor : Weak odor

Flash Point(Closedcup)/˚ C : >95˚C

Boiling Point/˚C : >150˚C

pH Value : 9.8(25˚C,50.0g/l)

Solubility : Weak soluble in water

Density/Relative : 0.8204×103kg /m3(20.0˚C+0.1˚C)

Viscosity : 13.3mm2/s(20.00˚C±0.2˚C,kinematic viscosity)


Typical Analysis Report


Color and luster:  Hazen 30
Moisture: % 0.1
Solidifying point:˚C -12
Iodine number: g12/100g 2
Primary amine content:% 97.2
Amine number:mgKOH/g 190


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